Ocala drive in

Last night, my boyfriend and I decided to socially distance ourselves, yet go out and see a movie. Ocala Drive In, right off of 441, was our choice because it was the only drive in movie theater we could find nearby.

drive in
 We drove up to the ticket booth and were given the option of watching the two features offered on Screen 1 or Screen 2. We chose screen 1 and we paid $12 for two tickets, which I felt was a great price.
We pulled into our space backwards because we wanted to sit in the trunk to watch the movie. It appeared that normally, there would be a car parked close next to you, but because of COVID-19 restrictions, they have barricaded every other spot, so we felt sufficiently distanced from other patrons.
Apparently, all of the ticket sales go to the movie costs so we knew we would be supporting their business by purchasing food from their concession stand. 
The food was not the normal high priced candy you’d find at a movie theater, but instead, it was similar to festival food. We got fried green tomatoes, boiled peanuts, a soft pretzel, and a drink all for under $15. The other food items were priced in a similar fashion.
I felt it was a steal!
An employee wearing a mask delivered the order directly to our car, which we really appreciated.
The car was open to the night and the mosquitoes were huge. Luckily, I am not a novice at living in Florida and had mosquito repellant on hand. I recommend bringing some with you if you go.
We tuned in on our car's radio to hear the movie, and laid back and watched the movie while the stars came out.
 There was great company, great movies, perfectly friendly management and employees, and fun food! It made for a perfect evening. We will definitely be returning.

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