To continue funneling CARES Act dollars to those most in need, at their October 6, 2020, special meeting, the County Commission made the following adjustments to the CARES Act program:
  1. Raised the individual grant award from $5,000 to $7,500 for round one (COVID-related impacts from March 1 thru July 31) and increased the monthly award (August, September, and future months) from $1,600 to $2,000. The County will automatically distribute additional dollars for current CARES Act recipients the week of October 19. Applicants do not need to do anything to get their additional amount if they qualified for more than $5,000 in round one. If an applicant's original round one impact was $5,000 or less, they would not receive these additional round one dollars.
  2. Raised the maximum eligible income from 120% of the average median income (AMI) to 150% of AMI. This means the following incomes are eligible to apply: A family of 1, $73,350 - a family of 2, $83,850 - a family of 3, $94,350 - a family of 4, $104,700 - a family of 5, $113,100 - a family of 6, $121,500 - a family of 7, $129,900 - and a family of 8, $138,300.
  3. Authorized up to $6 million in CARES Act dollars for grants to non-profit organizations that provide direct services to those in need. The Community Foundation of North Central Florida (CFNCF) will handle the verification and eligibility for the Non-Profit Grant Program. To be eligible, organizations will need to register by going to For questions and/or more information, call CFNCF at 352-367-0060 or
  4. Approved $1.3 million to Alachua County Public Schools for the HyFlex hybrid teaching program and direct teacher support.

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