Despite a surge in COVID-19 cases between September 7th-20th in Alachua County, Department of Health Administrator Paul Myers said the overall positivity rate in the County is trending downward.
Over that two week period, Myers reported 17,630 tests processed yielding 1,887 positive cases or a 10.9 percent positivity rate for that time period.
But, as of September 22nd, the overall positivity rate in Alachua County is at 5.75 percent. He then compared the County Year To Date Statistic of 7.95 percent positivity to the State of Florida's which is at 13.38 percent positivity.
Alachua County hospitalization rate is 5 percent compared to Florida's 6.29 percent and Alachua's percentage of cases resulting in death is 0.6 percent compared to Florida's 1.94 percent.
Myers attributes the low death rate to the younger population in the county and to the steps taken early on to protect the vulnerable population in nursing homes and assisted care facilities.
The median age of cases in the County is now 27 compared to the State's 40.
Myers said 375 residents have been hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic and there have been 48 cases leading to deaths in Alachua County as of September 22nd.
For pediatric metrics, Myers presented that 6,481 tests have been administered to residents between ages of zero and 18. Of those tested, 527 were positive, yielding a positivity rate of 8.1 percent. Nine cases were hospitalized with zero deaths as of September 22nd.
The late summer/early fall spike is now trending downward, Myers pointed out. The county was at 12 percent positivity in early September and that rose to over 16 percent and now is at the 5.75 percent.
"We're certainly headed in the right direction as of now," Myers said.

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