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The Florida Department of Health reported 10,109 new cases to the Florida COVID-19 Dashboard, bringing the total positive test count to 169,106 cases as of the July 1st report.

It is the highest single day total on record.

The FDOH also reported 68,821 new tests from Wednesday. The positive rate was 14.59% of the total, according to the report.

Here is a breakdown of the new coronavirus cases reported by the state each day for the past 10 days:
  • June 23: 3,286
  • June 24: 5,508
  • June 25: 5,004
  • June 26: 8,942
  • June 27: 9,585
  • June 28: 8,530
  • June 29: 5,266
  • June 30: 6,093
  • July 1:    6,535
  • July 2:    10,109

Statewide hospitalizations­­­ are at 15,150 an increase of 325. The state is not reporting a total number of "recovered" COVID-19 patients, or those currently hospitalized.

3,617 people have died from the virus, an increase of 67 over the day before.

cover-daily cases

Daily positive cases from the Florida Health Department COVID-19 dashboard.

Here are the local figures for total positive tests:

Alachua County is at 1,332 - up 87 from yesterday.

Gilchrist County 106 – up 5 from yesterday

Columbia County 316 - up 20 from yesterday.

Levy County 194 - up 13 from yesterday.

In Alachua County towns:

Alachua/LaCrosse/Worthington Springs 61 - up six from yesterday.

Archer 15 – no change.

Hawthorne 13 – up two from yesterday.

High Springs 23 – up two from yesterday.

Micanopy 6 - no change.

Newberry 53 - up four from yesterday.

Waldo 7 - no change.

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