The Alachua County Sheriff's Office responded to responded to reports of a drive-by shooting in the area the 1900 block of SW 68th Terrace in Gainesville last night.


James L. Marshall


Brendan D. Marshall

 Upon arrival, deputies located two victims with gunshot wounds and immediately rendered first aid. The victims were stabilized and transported to an area hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. 

Deputies located the suspect vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. During the investigation, several firearms were found inside the vehicle and James L. Marshall 26, and Brendan D. Marshall 25, were subsequently arrested. 

James L. Marshall was charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon by convicted felon, and shooting into an occupied vehicle/dwelling.  Brendan D. Marshall was charged with attempted murder.

Both men were transported to the Alachua County Jail.

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And they want to defund and/or abolish the police? Yeah right! The last couple months has done nothing but show and prove the exact reasons why we need MORE police. I bet the people you see in the media and the people you see leading these protests demanding the abolishment of the police are the same types of people that would break into someone’s home and kill them for a tv. Of course they want to abolish police, what criminal wouldn’t??


" APD is nothing but a pr machine " - really? I think chad is an upright guy. And Joel before him ran a solid department, too. Sounds to me like someone is trying to grind a personal axe.


If you want a city where you never hear about this happening, move to Alachua. I am not saying it never happens in Alachua, just that you never hear about it. There are drive by shootings and major car thefts and the APD puts a news blackout on it. Excuses like "there were minors involved, we can't talk about it." The goal is to report no bad news in Alachua, so the Boukari Klan (Manager, Paper, and real estate sales) will keep people moving to Alachua and buying houses. APD is a PR machine to hide bad news from the public.


Oof. I’m new to the area and immediately I’m hearing about people getting shot at.


I wonder what the background check found out when they legally purchased the firearms?

Just asking


Most the time the guns were stolen in home or vehicle burglary


Scary this has come to Gainesville.

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