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About Us

 Main Street Daily News is a local independent online news site dedicated to telling the story of Gainesville and Alachua County. Our mission is to inform, engage, and inspire our readers to make a difference in the communities and neighborhoods we serve.

Reggie Connell is the managing editor. Previously, he was with The Apopka Voice news site in Apopka, Florida (in Orange County) from 2015 through 2019 as managing editor and publisher. Suzette Cook is a staff writer, and has been a journalist in Gainesville for about 25 years. You can reach out to Reggie or Suzette at these emails: 

 It's not enough to report the news. We believe that it is our duty to take the extra step and provide the solutions to the issues we uncover. And through our reporting, effective responses to problems that hold us back from our true potential as a city can be found. We believe that a newsroom that listens to its audience can create real value and change through journalism.

 And change happens one story at a time. 

 Delivering worthwhile local news and reporting is truly a community-wide effort. It takes a dedicated staff and a loyal readership working together to make it happen. We hope you will give Main Street Daily News a good look, and then join us as a partner in transforming the way news is delivered and acted upon in Gainesville and Alachua County. Your membership says you believe that supporting independent local news means a better community for all of us.

 And good local journalism matters!

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