EZ the Clown sends message of thanks to frontline employees

EZ the Clown used to give back to the community by visiting children’s hospitals and making people laugh. Now, he works as the production manager at The Sign Universe in Gainesville.

While picking up food from his favorite restaurant the Texas Roadhouse on Archer Road, he decided he wanted to thank restaurant staff and retail employees for risking their health while doing their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So EZ, who also worked in medical services in the past, crafted “Thank You” signs with the help of his employer The Sign Universe who thought it was a great idea and donated the supplies. On the bottom right of each sign you can see a cartoon version of EZ himself. 

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“Here’s the thing,” EZ said. “Everybody is thanking the first responders and the medical responders. It’s just I wanted to say thank you to everybody who is risking their health.”

So far, EZ has set up signs in front of 27 businesses and he plans on adding to the list.

“I thought it would be a nice thing to let them know.”

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