P.S. Taco plans Gainesville location  

PS Tacos plans on opening multiple locations in Gainesville and Ocala.
P.S. Tacos plans on opening multiple locations in Gainesville and Ocala.
Courtesy of PS Taco

The Hurst Arroyo Retail Team at Colliers announced that they have partnered with the P.S. Taco Company to expand into the Gainesville and Ocala markets.  

P.S. Tacos is a renowned, fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain. The Hurst Arroya Retail team has been selected as P.S. Taco’s advisor and partner in their expansion.  

“We are honored to collaborate with P.S. Taco as they embark on this exciting journey of expanding into Florida,” said Jason Hurst, associate vice president with Colliers in a press release. “P.S. Taco’s commitment to culinary excellence and outstanding customer experience align perfectly with our core values. Our team is eager to leverage our strategic insights and industry knowledge to propel P.S. Taco’s growth in Florida and ensure their continued success.” 

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P.S. Tacos has multiple locations in Alabama and one location in Orlando. The restaurant offers unique tacos, burritos, and quesadillas such as buffalo chicken or barbeque.  

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I’m happy to hear this.