Alachua County School Board Member Tina Certain says at least three parents have called her asking about a new COVID-19 waiver.

“Football and cheerleader practice is going on at EHS (Eastside High School),” Certain posted on Facebook. “I was called Thursday and asked about a COVID-19 waiver form parents had to sign. I had no idea.

Tina Certain

Alachua County Public School Board member Tina Certain

“So there are activities going on now, and I’m told parents will be asked to sign a waiver releasing the district from liability. I haven’t seen the form but, I called the attorney after the third call (from parents).”

Certain said she has not seen the waiver yet because district offices are closed on Friday, but wants to. “I was called, asked about it and I asked the attorney who told me it was "rolled" out early at EHS,” she said.

Florida Department of Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran issued an order on July 6th stating that upon reopening in August, “all school boards and charter school governing boards must open brick and mortar school at least five days per week for all students.”

On July 10th, Alachua County Public Schools announced that families are urged to select one of three options for educating their children when school reopens. 

“They include the traditional, in-person, five-days-a-week model mandated by the state of Florida, and two online options, including the Alachua Digital Academy and Alachua eSchool,” the announcement states.

The deadline to submit the option form is July 19th at 11:59 p.m. “This will allow the district to plan for the reopening of schools and to meet a new state mandate,” reads the press release. 

More information about all three options and the option form are available on the district’s Choose Your School Option website at https://www.sbac.edu/Page/29815. The site, including the option form, is mobile-friendly. It also includes a Frequently Asked Questions document with more information about the options and the reopening of schools. 

Mainstreet Daily News has requested to see a copy of the COVID-19 liability waiver and is waiting on a response from the school district.

This is a developing story, and will be updated as more details are learned.

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