Busking for band equipment during a pandemic

For weeks now, P.K Yonge 7th grader Tyler Holt has been intermittently standing on a street corner on University Avenue across from the UF president’s residence playing his favorite songs on a baritone sax hoping that passersby will donate to his cause.

Holt is trying to change to an instrument in another key, he said and wants to earn enough to buy a tenor saxophone which costs hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the maker and condition of the instrument.


“I’m playing ‘Uptown Funk’ and almost anything,” says Holt who is realizing that perhaps busking on University Avenue while the campus is empty and the whole town is staying at home to avoid a global pandemic might not get him to his goal.

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Holt enjoys playing and said the abrupt end to the school year means he doesn’t get to be in band with his friends anymore. 

“They send us lessons on Zoom,” Holt said and that is not the same as being part of a music ensemble.

So far, he has raised $10, so he continues to try and sets up his homemade sign on a piece of scrap plywood that reads, “Tips Greatly Appreciated Thank You!”

Listen to Tyler play here: https://youtu.be/ICgw7tuTIHw

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