County commission wants Gainesville to give school board Channel 12 spot for reopening meeting

Alachua County Commission
Alachua County Commission

The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners wants a joint meeting with the City of Gainesville and UF to be rescheduled so that the school board can air its meeting instead.

Currently, the City of Gainesville is scheduled to have the Channel 12 time slot on August 12th at the same time that the School Board of Alachua County is conducting a special meeting to address how schools will open.

According to the SBAC agenda, the recommended action to be discussed is, “The Superintendent recommends the Board determine whether it will proceed with the full-time traditional brick and mortar option to begin August 24, 2020, as described in the Alachua County Public School’s Florida Optional Innovative Reopening Plan as previously approved by the School Board.”

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The YouTube link to watch the SBAC meeting is here

However, the BOCC received news that the SBAC technology department is having difficulties with the YouTube channel and can’t guarantee it will be running tomorrow.

The SBAC meeting starts at 9 a.m. 

The BOCC wants as many residents to have access to the SBAC meeting as possible because the decisions they make will affect the whole county.

The message from the BOCC: “The County Commission has decided to cancel the joint meeting to be rescheduled. We are all going to be at the School Board meeting.”

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