The search for substitute teachers is in full swing


While details about the 2020-2021 school year are still being finalized in Alachua County, the search of substitute teachers is on.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, substitute teachers in Florida earn an average of $26,070 a year, equivalent to $12.53 an hour. This is 19 percent less than substitute teachers nationwide and 43 percent less than the average Florida worker.
Mainstreet Daily News took a look at how Alachua, Gilchrist, Levy and Marion counties are advertising for substitutes and compared the pay rates and qualification requirements.
Alachua County
In Alachua County, Kelly Educational Staffing (KES) is in partnership with Alachua County Public Schools and is supplying and managing the substitute teacher workforce. According to the Kelly staffing website, the minimum requirements for becoming a KES substitute teacher are having a high school degree, being as least 21 years old, have favorable results on a criminal background check, passing a drug test, and having a Level 2 FDLE fingerprint background check at the non-refundable expense of $73.25 for the applicant.
They also require official transcripts, two professional letters of reference, and two government IDs that show the applicant is eligible to work in the United States. 
If hired, the applicant will attend an informational meeting and an orientation session, sign up for direct deposit or money card and be interviewed.
Pay Rates for Alachua County substitutes are:
Substitute teacher with a high school diploma:  $63/day
Substitute teacher with an Associates in Arts degree: $77/day
Substitute teacher with a Bachelor’s degree: $84/day
Substitute teacher retired from Alachua County Public Schools: $98/day
Interested candidates may apply by calling 904-316-9595, visiting  or emailing
Gilchrist County
Gilchrist County School District also partners with Kelly Services for all substitutes except substitute bus drivers. 
According to the district website: “The hiring processes, procedures, and costs are subject to change.”
Currently though, the minimum criteria for becoming a substitute employee: 
1. Must have a High School Diploma/GED or higher
2. Must work at least 1 Monday and 1 Friday each month
To complete the application and hiring process you will need to:
1. Submit an Official Transcript reflecting your highest level of education
2. Provide two professional letters of recommendation
3. Complete the on-line application via E-Registration
4. Complete on-line Kelly Class Smarts training    
According to the district website, “there is a free pre-hire training and a mandatory training program that includes two online modules covering the insights and skills substitute educators need to succeed in the classroom.
Expectations of substitutes are that they attend a virtual informational meeting/ orientation session, be prepared to complete a drug screen (at no cost to applicant), be prepared to be fingerprinted for Gilchrist County School District (The cost for fingerprinting is $73.25 at the applicant’s expense.)”
Pay Rates for Gilchrist County substitute teachers: 
Teachers – 4 Yr. Degree    $ 67.50/day 
Teachers – 2 Yr. Degree    $ 64.20/day 
Teachers – HS Diploma/GED    $ 64.20/day
Paraprofessional    $ 8.56/hour 
Clerical    $ 8.56/hour
Food Service    $ 8.56/hour 
Custodian    $ 8.56/hour 
 *Teachers (Long Term) Highly Qualified*    $130.00/day
Email directly to schedule an appointment.  
Levy County
Substitute teachers in Levy County are At Will positions. Contact the School where you wish to substitute as they must recommend and submit paperwork for all individuals processed as substitutes.  
 According to the district website qualifications are:  
1. Complete online application 
2. Have a t least a high school diploma AND must obtain a passing score on the substitute test, OR parapro test, OR have official transcripts from an accredited college with an AA/AS degree. In addition to online application, submit three Sub reference forms to school (located under Required Printed Forms) as well as H/S diploma or official transcripts. 
3. Have the ability to work in a constant state of alertness and safe manner. 
 The positions are filled as needed and the hourly rate of pay is listed on the Substitute and Other Salary Schedule DOE Job Code 51080.
Levy County substitute par ranges from $9.25 to $14 hourly.  Click here to see job description and application details.
Marion County
Requirements to substitute for schools in Marion County are:
1. A High School Diploma AND Five (5) years of verifiable work experience (Must be a letter on company letterhead); OR an AA/AS degree or 60 college semester hours.
2. Certified full-time teacher OR Certificate of Completion of the Introduction Teacher Training (for Substitute Teachers).
3. Complete an online application and submit all documents as required; Drivers license, Social Security Card and any other documents as required.
4. Training Program with Classroom Management
According to the Marion County Public Schools website, “candidates who have no prior teaching experience, as determined by the employing school district, must complete an additional training program that includes classroom management skills and instructional strategies.”
The district provides the on-line training option, Introduction Teacher Training (for Substitute Teachers), for potential substitutes to comply with the statutory requirement. Candidates logon to the online course at The instructions for course registration will be emailed once your application has been reviewed.  Candidates register and pay the $20 training cost online. Once the 20-hour, 5 module course is complete, the candidate should print and send the copy of the certificate of completion to the Employment Service Division where the certificate is placed in the applicant’s file.
The hiring process starts with the completion of the Online Application for “Substitute Teacher – Daily.”
At the New Hire Session, “prospective candidates will be required to pay an up-front fee of $119 to be fingerprinted and run a background check. The form of payment for this fee can be paid by cash, check or debit card/credit card.”
Substitute salary is divided into three categories. Daily or regular substitutes are paid on a daily basis as needed at a rate of $70.00 per day with no benefits. 
Continuous or continuing substitutes, “are also on the district-approved list and must substitute for 10 or more continuous days for the same teacher. The individual will be paid at a rate of $85.00 per day with no benefits. The school principal must submit a “Request to Hire a Continuous Substitute” form to the Employment Services Division for approval prior to being paid at the $85.00 per day rate. A minimum of 60 semester hours of college academic credits or an Associates Degree are required to be eligible for Continuous Substitute pay.
And certified substitutes, “are approved as long term subs (generally a semester or more) and will require district administrator approval prior to receiving the rate of $100.00 per day. To be eligible for Certified Substitute pay, the individual must hold a bachelors degree and be either a certified teacher, or eligible for a certificate.
AS for experience, the website states, “Although you do not need any specific experience to become a substitute teacher, if you have no experience, a district will provide you with classroom management and instructional training.
The hiring process also includes a criminal history background check performed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This involves submitting fingerprints through the public school district’s personnel office. If your fingerprint results return clear, you will be issued a teaching certificate within 30 days of the Bureau of Educator Certification receiving the request from your district.
For more information click here to learn about substituting in Marion County

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