Gilland: Feel like you’re in a pit?

History has proven that the Bible is the most enduring book of all. There are many reasons why this is true.

First of all, unlike other great and theologically deep literature, the Bible is unique in that the authorship of its books and chapters was actually guided by God Himself. Scripture calls this process “inspired.” In this context, the literal meaning is that the words are “God-breathed,” and those writers of the Bible like Paul, Matthew, Luke, Moses, David, and so many others who wrote out the words of the Old and New Testaments were being led and directed by God Himself.

But another reason that the Bible is so helpful—so love—is the fact that the Bible is relevant. It doesn’t present its characters and narrative in some polished, unrelatable or religious way. It is down-to-earth, and it includes the very kind of emotions and failures by those depicted in its pages and stories as what we experience in our lives today.

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One of those stories that is very dear to my heart is found in the first three verses of Psalm 40. The author of this psalm (or song) is none other than King David, who composed many of the chapters in the book of Psalms.

In these three brief verses, David lets us know that he was “in a pit.” Certainly not a literal hole, but a life circumstance that left him feeling alone and stuck in what he called a miry clay pit. David was emotionally, physically and even spiritually destitute.

It was while he was in this condition that David did two things. First, he waited patiently upon the Lord. And second, while in the pit, David cried out to the Lord. Two simple actions that are worthy of note, and his actions provide for us a template to follow anytime we find ourselves in a similar scenario.

And the merciful God to which David cried heard his prayer. He lifted David out of those circumstances, placed his feet on a rock that was secure, and even gave David something new and unexpected—a song into his mouth that filled his heart with praise to God.

The events of the past week may have left you in a similar pit of despair. Consider the two-step process that David used, as he waited patiently on the God who is faithful.

And, while waiting, call out to Him. Ask Him for help. Believe in your heart that He hears your cries. And it won’t be long until you find yourself being lifted up and out, and you might just end up with a new song in your heart.

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