DJ says he’s coming, Gilchrist County says no way


An Orlando-based DJ says he is part of a movement and anybody not onboard with him hosting huge music events during a pandemic at Ginnie Springs can “F— OFF!”
In a 30-second video taped in a car with Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ playing in the background, Machinist and part-time DJ Brad Diard, 25, responded to messages he has been receiving from concerned Gilchrist County residents about the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concerts he and dozens of DJs from around Florida have been putting on at Ginnie Springs despite the park rule that no events are allowed.
“You know there’s been a lot of people who’ve been sending me messages and commenting with very strong opinions about what I have been doing these past couple of months,” said Diard.  “And you know what? You can go f— off,”” he said as he presented his middle finger to the camera. “We’re not going to take it anymore . We’re not going to sit home and live our lives in fear. We can’t just close down the country and stay at home forever and expect the world to get better. It’s not gonna work like that. So if you want to be part of the movement. You’re tired of all this s—. Get with me. Let’s make some stuff happen.”
As a result of Biard’s events, neighbors say traffic blocks them in, music blasts for hours past the county ordinance time of 10 p.m., trash piles up in the river system and the CDC recommendations for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 are ignored as groups gather to dance and party.
Those citizens plan to air their concerns at the next Gilchrist County Commission meeting on Aug. 10th at 3 p.m.
Florida Department of Health Administrator Barbara Locke oversees Dixie, Gilchrist and Levy counties and said when she saw the video posted by Diard declaring that he was moving forward with another event, she contacted Gilchrist County Manager Bobby Crosby.
“I was concerned that Ginnie was going to have a big event based on what I saw from the DJ,” she said. “I contacted our County Manager and he said it was not going to happen, there was not going to be an event,” Locke said.
“That was a relief because we don’t need that kind of social gathering given what is going on in the communities and with school opening.”
According to Locke, she does not have the authority to shut down an event that poses a threat to public health safety. She can only make recommendations.
“We have no power over events,” she said. “It’s really a County issue.”
Locke said the manager at Ginnie Springs has been, “Very receptive to recommendations.”
Mainstreet Daily News continues to reach out for comment but has not heard back from a representative of Ginnie Springs.
One EDM music fan who has attended the events forwarded a message she said was sent from Ginnie Springs Outdoors to the EMD music event organizers.
“It’s come to our attention that you are planning an event at Ginnie Springs in August. We are not a music venue or event destination. We are not allowing DJs, bands, performers, etc. at this time.
“Please find a different venue for your event and take us off of the Facebook event. We are also aware that you are organizing this with Brad with Takeover Series. We have asked him multiple times to not to plan events at Ginnie Springs. Brad has completely disregarded our rules and wishes twice and now for the third time. Brad is trespassed from the park indefinitely.”
Diard, who is a machine operator, said he started coming to Ginnie Springs three months ago and has hosted two events now without Ginnie Springs’ permission. 
Gilchrist County Sheriff deputies had to come in and direct traffic at the last event on July 23-24 and turned hundreds of cars away that drove from places ranging from Miami to Georgia. 
In a recent interview, after the July 23-24 event, Diard said he knows Ginnie Springs doesn’t allow music events. “I know there are differing opinions,” he said about hosting events during a pandemic.
“But these people don’t want to stay inside anymore. There’s a certain connection in the EDM community.  Getting out in that environment is helpful. The way I look at it,  Ginnie Springs is open and I’m just showing up and telling people.”

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