Florida nears one-million COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 Florida
COVID-19 Florida

COVID-19 cases in Florida are expected to reach more than one million later today (Nov. 30th).


And while Alachua County cases are not the highest in Florida with 12,813 compared to Dade County with 227,656 cumulative cases since March, there are several hot spots on the rise. 

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A New York Times report ranked the University of Florida as having the second highest number of cases (5,008 on Nov. 19th) in colleges throughout the U.S. following Clemson University’s 5,086 cases. 


According to UF’s COVID-19 Dashboard, as of Nov. 30th there have been 5,306 cumulative cases with 4,033 student cases and 618 employee or affiliate organization cases reported since March 18th. Click here to see the latest in UF data.


Mainstreet Daily News compared the number of cases at the County, City and Zip Code level to monitor case increases since our last report on Oct. 24th.


Alachua County cases have increased 28 percent, the highest rate increase happened in Hawthorne (50 percent increase), Micanopy (44 percent increase) and Newberry (37 percent increase)


Within Gainesville, the Zip Code 32608  showed the highest gain in cases since Oct. 24th with a 36 percent increase.


Here’s a look at local COVID-19 totals as of Nov. 30th at 7 a.m.:

Florida state is reporting 992,660 cases, an increase from our last update on Oct 24th by 216,409 cases. The overall cases reported in the U.S. reached 13,385,495 with 266,887 deaths. Florida accounts for more than 7.41 percent of COVID cases and 6.93 percent of the deaths in the U.S. attributed to COVID-19. 

The highest jump in cases was reported on Nov. 25th with 10,120 cases compared to the lowest daily case count report on Nov. 1st of 2,668

The overall cumulative positivity rate for Florida is 13.7 percent as of Nov. 30th. There have been 54,706 hospitalizations and 18,500 deaths attributed to COVID-10. The resident deaths by date continued to decline in the State in November, ranging from 54 deaths on Nov. 13th to one death reported on Nov. 29th.


According to the Alachua County COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard, the 14-day positivity rate average is 4.4 percent. The positivity rate reported in Alachua County on Oct. 24th was 4.84 percent and on Nov. 27th that rate was reported at 4.86 percent showing little change.

Here are Alachua County figures for total positive tests reported on Nov. 30th and the increase percentage since Oct. 24th according to the FDOH COVID-19 Dashboard.



Alachua County is at 12,813 up 2,824 cases from 9,989 on Oct. 24th. (28 percent increase)

Bradford County is at  1,409 up 190 from 1,219 (16 percent increase)

Columbia County is at 4,781 up 581 from 4,200 (14 percent increase)

Dixie County is at  962 up 81 from  881 (9 percent increase)

Gilchrist County is at  763 up 162 from 601 (27 percent increase)

Levy County is at  1,405 up 287 from 1,118 (26 percent increase)

 In Alachua County towns with increase percentage since Oct. 24th:

Alachua/LaCrosse is at 538 up from 436 on Oct. 24th (23 percent increase)

Archer is at 176 up 35 from 141 (25 percent increase)

Hawthorne is at 215 up 72 from 143 (50 percent increase)

High Springs is at 257 up 57 from 200 (29 percent increase)

Micanopy is at 89 up 27 from 62 (44 percent increase)

Newberry is at 549 up 147 from 402 (37 percent increase)

Waldo is at 54 up 11 from 43 (26 percent increase)

Gainesville zip codes are as follows with increase percentage since Oct. 24th:

32615 is at 538 up 102 from 436 (23 percent increase)

32611 is at 253 up 55 from 198 (28 percent increase)

32610 is at 50 up 8 from 42 (19 percent increase)

32609 is at 965 up 194 from 771 (25 percent increase)

32608  is at 2,000 up 528 from 1,472 (36 percent increase)

32607 is at 1,500 up 337 from 1,163 (29 percent increase)

32606 is at 728 up 168 from 560 (30 percent increase)

32605 is at 812 up 186 from 626 (30 percent increase)

32603 is at 644 up 122 from 522 (23 percent increase)

32601 is at 1,899 up 338 from 1561 (22 percent increase)

32653 is at 369 up  77 from  292 (26 percent increase)

32641 is at 696 up 131 from 565 (23 percent increase)

data-removefontsize=”true” data-originalcomputedfontsize=”16″> The cumulative Alachua Public Schools COVID-19 cases since Aug.  17th are students: 193 on Nov. 30th up from 106 on Oct. 24th, an 82 percent increase in cases since Oct. 24th and staff is 106 up from 48 on Oct. 24th, more than doubled at 120 percent increase since Oct. 24th.  Newberry High School has had the most cumulative student (35) and staff (6)  cases with 41 combined followed by Gainesville High School with 39 combined student (32) and faculty (7) cases. The transportation has reported 9 cases so far. Click here to follow school active cases and quarantine data. https://www.sbac.edu/Page/30112

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