FWC to hold WildQuest scavenger hunt

Courtesy of FWC

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be hosting its Florida WildQuest 2023 scavenger hunt starting Friday.  

WildQuest can be played using the participant’s cell phone and the items to find are located in Wildlife Management Areas (WMA).  

WildQuest will take place from Friday, April 28, through Sunday, May 7. The event is free, but some WMAs charge an entrance fee. Participants who score at least 2,000 points are eligible for a random drawing of prizes. 

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Participants can find their nearest WMA by using the Entrance Finder Tool and looking for areas marked by a green dot. Participants will need the Goosechase app. Missions are completed in various ways including taking a photo or video or entering text. The children’s version, WildQuest Jr., will also be available. 

The FWC offered these tips to participants:  

  1. Charge Up: Make sure your phone is charged and the Goosechase app is installed. Not all areas have mobile coverage, but you’ll be able to take pictures for your scavenger hunt missions and submit them later. 
  1. Be Safe: Stay on marked roads and trails. Before you enter a trail, be sure it fits your skill level and a distance you’re prepared for. 
  1. Pack Smart: It gets hot outside and there are no vending machines in the wilderness. Check the weather before you go. Pack water, sunscreen and snacks.  
  1. Snap a Pic: Most WMAs have a kiosk at the main entrance with a welcome sign that includes a map and important reminders for visiting the area. When you see this sign, be sure to take a picture for reference. Grab a guide at the kiosk if one is available. 

For more information or to register for WildQuest, visit the website.  

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