Meteorologist Jeff Huffman to make cameo appearance in local play

Meteorologist Jeff Huffman.
Meteorologist Jeff Huffman.
Jeff Huffman


Gainesville Playwright Michael Presley Bobbitt calls it a Thanksgiving miracle.

 Bobbitt commented on his Facebook page that he made a request for WUFT and Florida Public Radio Emergency Network Chief Meteorologist Jeff Huffman to lend his voice in announcing a storm in Bobbitt’s latest play “A Cedar Key Christmas” and had not heard back from Huffman yet.

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 With the Dec. 4th opening night approaching, Bobbitt said he was afraid he would need to find a Plan B.

 The email Bobbitt sent to Huffman read, “Hi Jeff, My name is Michael Presley Bobbitt.

 “I frequently ask absurd questions on your FB live events surrounding severe weather… but hopefully you will have heard of me as the Gainesville playwright whose last two plays premiered off-Broadway in New York City. I’m writing to you today because my new play, A Cedar Key Christmas, debuts in December at the big theater here in town and there is a character based on you that makes a few announcements from the radio about an approaching hurricane. In fact the character IS you, so I thought I should reach out to get your permission before changing it to something similar sounding like Jeff Haffman… lol. 

 “Here is the premise as it relates to weather and you:

In the near future, warming seas are pushing hurricanes further and further past the traditional hurricane season’s ending at the end of November. An unprecedented December hurricane is bearing down on the tiny island community Cedar Key, and in a flight of delusional fancy, our main character rows out into the gulf in a rowboat to punch the storm in the face. 

A Cedar Key Christmas

A female character has an irrational crush on” The NPR weather guy from Gainesville” and gets worked up anytime she hears you…err… uh… Mr. Haffman… say various weather terms… hahaha.”

 Bobbitt then asks Huffman, “Would you have any interest in recording two 20 to 30 second voice-overs on your cell phone recorder that we could use for the weather broadcasts in the play? I think the local audiences would get a real kick out of hearing the actual Jeff Huffman and the actual Glenn Richards (a friend of mine).”

 One Facebook friend of Bobbitt’s suggested Huffman may not have received the email and reached out to Huffman about the opportunity on Thanksgiving Day. Huffman replied within the hour that it was the first he was hearing of the proposition. So after a resend of the email Huffman replied to Bobbitt, “Hi Michael, Pardon the delay and the short reply. I’m absolutely “in” on this. When did you need the recording by?  Sounds like a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the Villages play last year. Talk soon, and Happy Thanksgiving!”

 Upon hearing the good news, Bobbitt posted on Facebook, “I have reached the pinnacle of artistic affirmation. Not only does my favorite weatherman know about me and enjoy my work, he has agreed to lend his dulcet voice to my Cedar Key Hurricane play! Woohooo!!!”

 For more information about “A Cedar Key Christmas” which opens on Dec. 4th and runs through Dec. 13th, click here


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