Gainesville gets grant to restore Tumblin Creek

Tumblin Creek
Tumblin Creek

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) has awarded $512,073 to Gainesville to repair damage Hurricane Irma inflicted on Tumblin Creek in 2017. 

The DEO funds come through the Rebuild Florida Infrastructure Repair program. The work will help strengthen the creek’s stormwater infrastructure and prevent creek bed erosion, the city said in a public statement. 

Two locations near Depot Avenue suffered significant damage along the creek, including multi-family dwellings and condominiums. One involves rock walls designed to protect the stream bank, while the other includes a large headwall and pipe structure. 

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The project will also include work on Tumblin Creek’s sandy bed, which is prone to erosion. 

The city expects the repair project to begin in November. 

The Tumblin Creek watershed spans 3.8 square miles and runs about 1.7 miles in length. It runs through residential, institutional, transportation, and commercial areas, ending in Bivens Arm Lake. 

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