Splatter Room a chance to let loose, throw paint

Tucked inside of the giant art space at Pinspiration Gainesville, there is an 8-by-10 foot room covered in layers and layers of paint that would make American artist Jackson Pollock proud.

The abstract expressionist is famous for his drip paintings that often entailed the use of full body force as he threw paint against canvases and then used random tools such as sticks or a trowel to create lines and shapes.

That style of painting is a growing popular destination for artists of all ages and Pinspiration Gainesville, which is and arts and craft franchise space located in the Newberry Square plaza in Gainesville, caters to the art approach which happens by appointment in a Jackson-Pollock-Inspired Splatter Room™.

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Pinspiration employees such as Eva Hunziker will guide you through the experience and get you suited up in a paint coveralls and eyewear that protect you from head to toe.

With some quick instructions and simple rules, you are set loose in a room with a dozen open jars of vibrant water-based paints, each with a dedicated paint brush.

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A basic experience in the Splatter Room costs $18, involves an 11-by-14-inch canvas, the room to yourself for an hour, and the ability to tap your favorite music playlists into a speaker from your phone.’

According to Hunziker, the room is popular for birthday parties, and there is even a date package available. Painters can upgrade the size of the canvas for an extra fee or work out a deal if they want to bring in an extra large canvas.

Owner Katherine Osman said the art studio had a rough start because it opened in February 2020 and then was closed down by the pandemic.

“It’s coming back,” she said. “The Splatter Room brings people in and they see all the other activities we offer.”

Osman herself likes to get in the room and create them she said. “It’s therapeutic, you listen to music, you get into your space and just be.”

Her ultimate goal for the art studio is that it will become, “a center of community for the whole of Gainesville.”

The gathering place also has a full bar and offers date packages as well.

Osman said art is a great way to ease the stress that people have endured through the pandemic or for other personal reasons and the paint room experience is liberating.

“You always need art,” she said. “And there are no rules.”

Hunziker said some artists will enter the room for just a few minutes to create their artwork, while others will toss paint for the full hour.

Artists have a way of knowing when their masterpiece is completed, Hunziker said.

“Sometimes you step back and you just know that’s how you want it to stay.”

Suzette Cook

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