Alachua thrift shop posts video claiming it will open against state order

Editor’s Note

While it is not the intent of Mainstreet Daily News to promote, endorse, or denounce the actions of a subject in an article, we do feel an obligation to report the news of Alachua County. 

–Reggie Connell/ Managing Editor of Mainstreet Daily News

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The City of Alachua, Alachua County and the State of Florida executive orders have not given the okay for any secondhand stores to reopen. So far, pawn shops that give out loans have been allowed to operate under the financial institution category, but thrift shops are not on the essential businesses list.

Despite the current executive orders, Community Chest thrift shop Manager Christy Inks aired a live video on April 19th and shared it to multiple social media pages stating that her secondhand store in Alachua will open on April 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The video released shows a “Time To Open” marquee in front of the shop located in Alachua.

“This my message to all the people in government that have what they deem un-essential workers out of work,” Inks says in the video which pans to the closed front doors of the shop.

Inks says, “We are all essential. Do not think one of us is better than the other because of their job. We are all essential for this economy. My store has been closed for a month.

“President Trump we have been closed for a month. Rick Scott we have been closed for a month. Governor DeSantis we have been closed for a month. Representative Hutchinson of Alachua County we have been closed for a month.

“We are not un-essential,” Inks continues.

“It is time for people to take personal responsibility. We know how to protect ourselves. It is time to open us back up.

“We are all essential to this economy. If you do want to support me. We will be open tomorrow from 10 to 2. If you want to turn me in, we will be open tomorrow from 10 to 2.  

“And if you turn me in the store will not be here when I get out of jail.”

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