Carl Smart - Alachua County Deputy Manager

Carl Smart will be introduced as the new Alachua County Deputy Manager at Tuesday's BOCC meeting. 

The Alachua County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) will introduce a new deputy manager and receive the county manager's reorganization of departments and offices plan at a special meeting on Tuesday.

Alachua County Manager Michele Lieberman will request that the BOCC confirm Carl Smart as the new Deputy County Manager at a salary of $159,872.

Smart has served as an assistant county manager overseeing, "Fire Rescue, Community Support Services, Court Services, Animal Services, Solid Waste and Resource Recovery (temporary) and Code Enforcement," since 2016, according to his resume'.

Prior to working for Alachua County, Smart was the director of the code compliance department in Austin, Texas, from 2011 to 2016 and served as executive program administrator for the City of Fort Worth, Texas, Fire Department from 2009 to 2011.

Smart attended the University of Florida and Santa Fe College and went on to earn a Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington.

According to the proposed Alachua County Organization Chart reorganization chart labeled with the purpose to "maximize efficiencies," several changes will be made if the BOCC approves of the new plan.

As outlined in Administrative Order No. 2., it states, "The purpose is to modify the reporting structure or department/division titles as follows:


“Public Safety & Community Support Services” to “Community Support & Strategic Initiatives”

“Assistant Economic Development Manager” to “CareerSource Manager”

“Strategic Initiatives Manager” to “Economic Development & Food Systems Manager”

“Code Enforcement” to “Office of Code Administration”

“Animal Services” to “Animal Resources & Care”

“Office of Resiliency & Sustainability” to “Office of Sustainability, Equity, Economic, and Strategic Development”


CareerSource - direct report to Assistant County Manager - Chief of Staff.

Facilities Management - direct report to Assistant County Manager - Budget & Fiscal Services

Office of Resiliency & Strategic Initiatives - direct report to Deputy County Manager

Fire Services - Direct report to County Manager

Effective upon the retirement of our Training Manager in December 2021, Organizational Development & Training will become a direct report to the Human Resources Director.

There will also be a discussion about elevating Animal Care & Resources from an office to a department.

If approved by the BOCC, the proposed changes will take effect on Nov. 5, 2021.

The special meeting starts at 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 5. Click here to see the meeting agenda.  

Mainstreet Daily News Reporter

Suzette Cook is a Mainstreet Daily News reporter who has been a community journalist for more than 30 years.

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If the BCC had vision the Alachua County Manager Michele Lieberman would be out and the BOCC confirm Carl Smart as the new County. With years of experience Carl Smart as a county manager he it a perfect choice in leadership for Alachua Country and it’s employees.

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