Lake City, Florida, marked on a map

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) arrested two Lake City residents on Wednesday for a homicide resulting from their involvement in an overdose death.

Authorities charged Christopher Jones, 52, and Rosandra Crusaw, 43, for supplying illegal drugs to an unidentified female whom deputies found unresponsive on Aug. 14, 2020.

First responders transported the victim to the hospital, where she was pronounced deceased. Preliminary signs revealed an overdose and information led detectives to an investigation culminating in Wednesday’s arrests.

"It’s always tragic when someone dies when it is preventable, like these drug-related events,” said Sgt. Steven Khachigan, the CCSO public information officer. “It’s good for the public to know we pursue and follow up these types of cases. And for the people distributing drugs to know there are consequences when things like this happen.” 

Khachigan said that there have been a handful of cases similar to this one over the past few years in Columbia County and when someone dies under suspicious circumstances, detectives and task members are assigned to follow up on those cases.

“Legislation now provides us with the ability to hold people accountable when they cause the death of another person by supplying them with drugs,” Sheriff Mark Hunter said in a statement. “I want to assure our citizens that we will aggressively pursue those who poison our community and will use every available resource to hold those individuals accountable.”

Authorities are holding Jones and Crusaw in the Columbia County Detention Facility without bond.

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