COVID-19 scam call reported in Columbia County

Anonymous call
Anonymous call
Tero Vesalainen via Shutterstock

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about scam calls from people claiming to deliver coronavirus vaccines to individual homes. 

Sheriff's office spokesman Steven Khachigan said the report came from someone who has an elderly parent in the county.  

"After talking to our health director here in Columbia County, we got confirmation that they're not calling people unless someone has called or left a message," Khachigan said. "The health department is not making first contact with people individually to schedule appointments."

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Khachigan said the sheriff's office has only received one report so far, but often these types of scams are more widespread. Authorities are not sure what the scammer was hoping to achieve. 

"That's the somewhat alarming part about these scams, especially when they're calling older folks," Khachigan said. "We don't know if they're trying to case homes for a burglary or if they're trying to do another kind of scam where they're trying to coax money out of people."

The sheriff's office is asking anyone who receives a suspicious call to contact deputies at (386) 719-2005. To schedule a vaccination appointment, call the Columbia County Health Department at (386) 758-1037.

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