Gainesville man sentenced to 45 years for rape

Cell jail bars

A Gainesville man received a 45-year prison sentence after a jury convicted him of raping a 15-year-old boy he met on social media.

Antron Hutchinson
Courtesy of State Attorney's Office Antron Hutchinson

According to a Friday press release from the office of State Attorney Brian Kramer, Antron Markell Hutchinson chatted with the victim online before ordering an Uber to bring him to a motel on SW 13th Street.

“Hutchinson subsequently broke the child victims’ phone, trapped him in [the] room and raped him,” the press release said. “The victim suffered significant injuries and underwent surgery.”

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When Hutchinson learned a warrant had been issued as part of the investigation, he asked a friend to delete media on his Snapchat, the press release said.

After his 45-year sentence in the Florida Department of Corrections, Hutchinson will have a lifetime of sex offender probation, plus designation as a sexual predator.

Assistant State Attorney Brooke King led the prosecution team in the case.

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Thank you, DA’s office. Let’s hope he really lasts full 45 years in there. He has no redeeming values out here.