Governor issues Stay at Home Order for Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is issuing an order directing Floridians to stay at home for 30 days.

To read the full order, go here.

The order, which goes into effect at 12:01 am on April 3rd, tells people to stay at home and leave only for “essential services,” such as buying groceries, obtaining health care, and getting gas or using the bank.

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“It’s really an order to individuals saying you can engage in essential services, essential activities, but other than that you need to stick close to home. We’re not necessarily saying anything to non-essential businesses. But under the order you would not be able to go into some of these things and conduct business and be able to follow the order. The government cannot ham fist everyone into their bedroom. It’s just not practical.”


DeSantis also said in his statement that some non-essential businesses might still be able to operate in some ways.

“There’s a whole bunch of opportunities where some of these non-essential businesses will still be able to do some things,” he said, adding that a business that makes things might be able to deliver orders.

The Gainesville Chamber of Commerce responded to the order with an email to its members that outlined how it reads in contrast to Alachua County.

 “There are some differences between what is considered an “essential activity” in the state’s executive order versus Alachua County’s Amended Emergency Order, the email states. “Where the state’s order differs from those passed by a local government, any measures in the local government’s order that exceed the minimum required in the state order are allowed to stay in force. 
Additionally, the order defines “essential services” as those defined within State Executive Order 20-89, and guidance issued last week by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. While a state coordinating officer will be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date list of essential services, That list was not available at the time we distributed this announcement. This is a developing story, however, and as soon as we are able to obtain more detailed information on the state’s list of essential services, we will share it with you.”

The City of Gainesville also released directives in a weekly newsletter regarding the local stay at home order before the governor’s announcement. They are listed below:

gainesville - do
Gainesville - don't

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