Grand jury clears deputies involved in shooting

An Alachua County grand jury has cleared deputies who shot and killed a Gainesville man during a domestic dispute call earlier this year. 

The office of Brian Kramer, state attorney for the 8th Judicial Circuit, announced the finding late Monday. He had presented the grand jury with the results of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation into the shooting, which occurred on March 5

According to court documents, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) deputies responded to a domestic disturbance at 2325 Southeast 46th Terrace in southeast Gainesville. The disturbance escalated into a violent altercation and then an active shooter situation, the grand jury found. 

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The report identified Gregory Williams, Kayla Minister and their newborn baby as the home’s residents. At the time of the incident, Williams’ mother and Minister’s brother were also present.

“Following a verbal dispute between Kayla Minister and Kane Minister, Gregory Williams consumed some form of illicit narcotic,” the report said. “Immediately thereafter, Gregory Williams suffered a sudden and severe alteration in behavior.”

Williams allegedly then struck Kayla Minister in the face and abdomen, causing “significant injury to her recent surgical incision.” 

After Williams armed himself and threatened to hurt himself and others, his mother and Kayla Minister dialed 911. Due to the close proximity of the sheriff’s office, ACSO deputies arrived on the scene quickly. As one approached the house, Williams shot his mother in the shoulder, the grand jury report said.

As other deputies arrived on the scene, Williams opened fire, striking the ACSO vehicle where some deputies were seeking shelter. Four deputies returned fire, killing Williams in the exchange. 

All four deputies were placed on leave while the investigation took place. The grand jury found “the said Deputy Sheriffs acted in lawful self-defense and defense of another person.”

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