Hoax post claims Alachua County schools going all digital next week

There is a hoax message circulating on social media that claims all Alachua County Public Schools will be going entirely digital on Tuesday.

“This is FALSE!” stated Jackie Johnson, spokesperson for Alachua County Public Schools, in an email.

According to Johnson, schools will be open as normal on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

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Schools and district offices are closed on Monday for the President’s Day Holiday.

“We have sent an email, phone message and text to families and staff, and have posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages,” Johnson said about spreading the word to offset the rumor.

The post uses the ACPS official logo and has a headline that reads “Alachua County Public Schools Notice to Parents and Teachers.”

The fake post claims that, “Due to COVID-19 restrictions and a maximum case capacity being exceeded on the Alachua County school district, all schools will be switching to Digital Academy starting Tuesday.”

One comment on the official ACPS Facebook page posts that denounces the rumor suggests that whomever started the hoax needs to be discovered and suspended if it is a student.

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