Mayor to sit on dunk tank if voter turnout tops 1,300

Newberry Mayor Jordan Marlowe has a challenge for the 5,400 voters that are eligible to vote in Tuesday’s Commissioner Group 5 election: If more than 1,300 residents cast a vote, he will sit on a dunk tank at the upcoming Spring Festival on May 1st.

“Can we beat 1,300?” Marlowe asked his constituents on Facebook.

“I will make a deal: if we get over 1,300 voters tomorrow, Spacewalk of Gainesville will donate a dunk tank, and at the Spring Festival on May 1st, yours truly will offer himself up for dunking,” he asked. “Who wants to dunk the Mayor?”

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Joy Glanzer is challenging incumbent Tim Marden in the election, with the polls opening at 7 a.m. at the Newberry Municipal building next to city hall. Polls close at 7 p.m.

“All you have to do is get out and vote and encourage your friends to do the same,” Marlowe urged his Facebook followers.

Walt Boyer, owner of Spacewalk of Gainesville said he looks forward to seeing Marlowe sit on the tank he is providing and joked that he would be setting it to be “really sensitive” and looks forward to “seeing Marlowe at the bottom of his tank.”

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