Meeks and Meeks head up Levy BOCC

No sooner did Commissioner Lilly Rooks (District 4) of the Levy County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) nominate Vice Chair Rock Meeks (District 2) when Commissioner Matt Brooks (District 5) seconded the motion.

During the Tuesday morning meeting it was time to name a new board chair and vice chair and shuffle around various appointments.

Rooks said she nominated Rock because he had served as vice chair and, "It was his turn."

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She also put John Meeks' name up for vice chair and the vote went through, putting the Meeks cousins in charge with Rooks and Brooks as commissioners and former Commissioner Mike Joyner's District 3 seat still empty until someone is appointed or an election is held. Joyner passed away in August.

"The Meeks duo as chair and vice chair," John said. "Who would have ever thought that. Both of our granddaddys would be proud."

The cousins are born and raised Levy County residents and each runs his own business. John heads up a local hardware store and Rock has a plumbing business.

John told Rock to get out a piece of paper and start taking notes as he started to list board after board appointment that the chair would sit on from value adjustment to canvassing.

Rock's eyes kept getting bigger as the chair's responsibilities list got longer.

Levy County BOCC chair Rock Meeks

All of the commissioners and the public attending the meeting had a good laugh at Rock's reaction. And once the assignments were sorted out, John, decked out in his festive red and green blazer and a Christmas tree tie, got up to congratulate Rock and hand over the gavel.

The two are just three years apart in age and both have put in several terms on the BOCC.

Rock, 42, said he has served on the commission for seven years and that his priority as chair will be, "The people of Levy County."

John, 45, said he has served on the BOCC since 2012 and went from commissioner straight to the chair position.

"I'm going to let him put his own unique perspective on managing the chair and being the chair," John said about his cousin taking on the new leadership role.

"But I'm always available for guidance."

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