Multi-vehicle I-75 Columbia County crash kills 2, injures 3

fatal crash 2

Two Lake City people died and three others were injured Saturday afternoon when wet road conditions caused a sedan to cross from southbound Interstate 75 and crash into an SUV in the northbound lane.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) release, a 28-year-old Lake City woman was driving a sedan southbound on I-75 near mile marker 432 at 5:05 p.m. when she lost control of the vehicle on the wet roadway. The sedan crossed the I-75 median and was struck a northbound SUV driven by a 30-year-old Quincy, Florida, woman.

Following the initial collision, a second SUV being driven by a 54-year-old Lake City man collided with the first SUV in the northbound I-75 lane.

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In the sedan, the Lake City driver and a 6-year-old girl were declared dead on scene by emergency responders. Two other Lake City passengers – a 4-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy – were in serious condition.

The Quincy driver sustained minor injuries and the second SUV’s driver and two passengers – a 41-year-old Lake City woman and 10-year-old Lake City girl – were not injured.

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Prayers for those left behind. So sad

R.i.p sweet girls

The young lady and little girl who died was my friend and her kids. It’s such a tragic thing that happened. R.I.P
A & little B 😭💔




She worked at Milton’s country store, correct? She always wrote me a check when I delivered the gas. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the sign on the door today I’m crying writing this


I passed this accident heading to Ohio from Florida, I seen the woman covered with a pink blanket on the ground, I k ew she didn’t make it, there was a baby carseat flipped over on the ground, did she have a baby? My heart sunk seeing that.

Jim Persinger

Yes friends of mine and my daughters her young son was also killed in the accident and her two other baby’s are in the Hospital still recovering very nice young lady Ariel was her name


Prayers for this family. I was there and held baby boy till ems and fhp got there we tried to save mom and sister I’m sorry we couldnt


Did they suffer or was it immediate? She was like a sister to me even though she’s my cousin.

Kathleen Allen

Erin, I was with your “sister/cousin” the whole time, she did not suffer…. Nor did her baby…. I’m so sorry for this tragic loss. My family & I pray for y’all. And continued love, prayers, peace and support for the two other kiddo’s. 🥰🙏

Jared allen

I dont think they did, my wife and i stopped also, i was holding the little girl when she was upside down, and i couldnt feel a pulse while the were getting her leg free, so im sure it happened fast, the other 2 were crying, so we knew at least they were alive and breathing, so sorry we couldn’t do more, wishing u all strength and love!


It was immediate. I want to send flowers to the funeral but can’t get any info where to send

Savannah Wilson

Here is the arrangements

Mike N

Charlotte, I was one of the guys who helped get him out and gave him the towel to help keep him warm. I just want to know if he and his sister are okay?

Katrina overy

Mike N. Keaton is in hospital as well as tynleigh. They r both stable keaton had got the worst of it he is in a body cast from his waiste down and has skull fracture but dr said nothing major. As for tynleigh she broke a femur her wrist and is still in hospital along with
Keaton. Thank u so much for helping them.

Mike N

I’m so glad they’re going to be okay and I’m incredibly sorry for the loss of their mom and sister.

Family Member

They are going to make it. The little boy has a long recovery and still in the ICU. The little girl is awake and doing better.


Do you know how the 30 year woman is doing?

Jim Persinger

She ,Ariel is her name is in Heaven .


This is their Aunt they’re healing thank you and God bless you for being there with them.


I was the woman under the umbrella holding baby boy

Mike N

I gave you the towel to help keep him warm and dry.

Katrina overy

Thank u so much for helping these were my neices and nephew. We will forever be grateful for u trying to save ariel and baby brax. God had bigger plans for them. RIH ANGELS AUNT TT LOVES YALL BIGGER THAN THE SKIES


Is there any arrangements set. I would like to send flowers and would like to send the other little ones something as well

Savannah Wilson

Here is the arrangements

Kathleen Allen

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this beautiful young family. My husband and I pulled over to help, seconds after it happened. My husband was attending to the kid’s, along with many others. While I tried getting down to the mother. I did chest compressions until EMS arrived…. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more. 💔 RIP

Mike N

I helped to cut the little boy from his car seat and also helped free the six year old girl. It was a very tragic scene and I wish the two babies who survived and their family the very best in your days ahead. My heart is so very broken for you all and also everybody else involved in this.

Family Member

Thank you for helping them. This was my Dads niece and her kids. Were they still alive when it happened? Or was it immediate?

Andy Ferrari

The driver was already gone instantly. I think the little girl passed just as they got her out of the vehicle. But the bystanders and deputies IMMEDIATELY tried cpr to no avail.

Mike N

It was immediate, there was no suffering. I’m very sorry for your loss.

Andy Ferrari

My wife and I stopped…..what were their names? I directed traffic, my wife tried to help comfort the victims……..

Zelopha Surgener

RIP my granddaughter. Great grandchild and continued prayers for the two little ones who are fighting for thier little life’s hugs and prayers to all involved and acquainted

Brittney Rodriguez

My Husband and I stopped to help my prayers go out to this family and precious babies can’t get this family off my mind! May god watch over and bless you all in the days to come!