Pedestrian dies in Lake City traffic accident

The Lake City Police Department (LCPD) responded to a pedestrian fatality on Feb. 2 after a female ran in front of a car while the light was green.

According to an LCPD report released on Wednesday, the incident occurred at the intersection of SE Baya Avenue and SE Ermine Avenue.

An LCPD investigation revealed two pedestrians attempted to cross the intersection with a male pedestrian crossing first, who then turned around to see the female pedestrian run in front of a moving vehicle. The vehicle reportedly struck the female pedestrian, resulting in death upon impact.

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Both the driver of the vehicle and the male pedestrian told LCPD that the traffic light was green, the driver had the right of way and the driver did not have time to stop to avoid the collision, according to the release. The driver was cleared of responsibility for the collision.

“This is a tragic and traumatizing occurrence for the family of the deceased, pedestrians, and vehicle operators,” said Interim LCPD Chief of Police Gerald Butler in the release. “Incidents of this nature are overall avoidable by pedestrians obeying traffic laws and properly utilizing crosswalks.”

SE Ermine Avenue and SE Baya Avenue

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