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Alachua County irrigation restrictions change starting today.

The Alachua County Environmental Protection Department reminds county residents that since they set their clocks back this morning for daylight saving time, they also need to cut back on their watering.

“Landscape irrigation can account for almost 60 percent of residential water use,” said Alachua County Environmental Protection Department Water Resources Program Manager Stacie Greco. “Eliminating or reducing your irrigation helps to conserve the precious groundwater supply we depend upon that also provides water to our springs, lakes, and rivers.”

Watering is limited during this season because most plants go dormant in cooler weather and require little to no supplemental watering. Most yards can go all winter without irrigation, so turning off irrigation systems can save additional water and money.

Irrigation restrictions apply to the use of private wells, city water, and surface water. However, the use of a hand-held hose with a spray nozzle, micro-irrigation, and reclaimed water are exempt along with the watering of vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

County staff actively enforces irrigation restrictions and responds to citizen complaints or concerns regarding wasteful watering.

For more information, visit the Alachua County Water Resources website or contact Hollie Greer at 352-264-6827 or hgreer@alachuacounty.us.

Alachua County irrigation restrictions chart

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Oh, no! It’s MY yard and I can decide whether and when to water. I pay my taxes. I pay my water bill. So, I decide what to put on my yard. Florida sits on a gazillion tons of water - there’s no shortage. Do your research!! I want that pretty green grass all winter. Brown grass makes me uncomfortable and you can’t order me to have brown grass. Sure, I could plant native Florida plants that wouldn’t need as much water. But I don’t want to and you can’t make me.

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