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UF engineers collaborate to develop the next generation of space exploration

Apr 7, 2024
UF works to create orbiting assembly lines, faster satellites.

UF researchers discover Earth-like planet near Big Dipper

Mar 29, 2024
Planet has lava oceans and orbits very close to a star.
Local Living

UF: Elderly adults rely on trust, opening the door to scams

Mar 3, 2024
Study used game that relies on changing trust.

UF study shows long-term impact of childhood ear infections

Jan 15, 2024
Chronic infections can delay language development.

UF helps mice lose weight with new drug, human trials not ready

Oct 7, 2023
Drug mimics exercise, boosts metabolism.
National News

UF study raises ethics question on DNA use

Sep 4, 2023
Everyone leaves DNA in public spaces, open for collection.