5.11 Tactical to set up shop in Gainesville

A new tactical store, 5.11 Tactical, is scheduled to open in Gainesville this summer, selling full apparel and gear directly to community users.

Butler Enterprises announced the store’s opening on Tuesday and said 5.11 Tactical would set up shop next to Urgent Vet and near the Walmart on SW 42nd Street.

In the press release, Francisco Morales, CEO of 5.11 Tactical, spoke to how the store has expanded and become more accessible.

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“It used to be that you couldn’t buy 5.11 pants unless you were training with a government agency,” Morales said. “Our retail stores are an ideal destination for people from all walks of life to come and experience 5.11 clothing, footwear, and gear. Our products are specially engineered for first responders and the military to be functional, comfortable, and durable.”

Founded in 1992, the store name comes from the Yosemite Decimal System with 5.11 representing the hardest climbs. Royal Robbins, co-founder of the store, helped develop the system in the 1950s.

According to the 5.11 Tactical website, the company has just over 100 stores or partner stores in the U.S. along with several overseas. In Florida, the company has stores in Davie, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Miami, Tampa, West Palm Beach.

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