Bronson Raceway
 Ann Young, owner of the Bronson Speedway, released the following statement on the Bronson Speedway Facebook page:
As Bronson Speedway's sole owner, a woman in Motorsports, a Mom, a Christian, a Proud American and a believer in the “American Dream” for all people, I feel an obligation to comment and share the following OPINION for what it’s worth.......
The human experience matters, and until we walk a mile in our brother's (and sister's shoes) RESPECT matters. 
Ann Young, Bronson Speedway owner.

Ann Young, Bronson Speedway owner.

First and foremost I am proud of the racing community and the historic display of respect we all witnessed in real time at Talladega this past weekend. Every driver, Every Team, Every Human at that Racetrack displayed RESPECT.
A human respect for history, a respect that communicated understanding and demonstrated just how far we have come as a people. We all stood together in respect and solidarity... And no doubt, Jesus was in attendance and smiling upon his people.
No violence, No destruction, just a powerful display of unity and solidarity. FAMILY.
I am also proud that indeed, after a through investigation, no hate crime was determined to have occurred.
Emotions and perceptions, especially during this chaotic time in America and the world are running wild, and our racing community displayed, for all who watched “love and respect” in action.
NASCAR is a business fighting to survive, vying for the corporate dollar and TV ratings all the while trying to remain politically correct if such a thing even exists. They listened and promptly investigated. Good business does that.
Thank you NASCAR.
Bubba (Wallace) is a young black driver making his way, bringing with him, his own human experience to a sport with few drivers of color. Much like my opinion today, his opinion matters. His perceptions matter. As a Mom, I am proud of him. 
It IS time we continue to listen, we continue to learn and be the change our world desperately needs. RESPECT.
Dialogue, investigation, law and order, innocent until proven guilty and democracy are what protects us as Americans. 
We are all human, we all make mistakes and by God's Grace we will embrace RESPECT, and surely love and peace will prosper....

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Truth and facts matter also. What ever the perception may have been from the start, the reality is that it was proven to be a pull rope and its placement innocuous. Why then go on a rant as a victim of some attack? He has said he was certain it was Trump Supporters and has not retracted that statement. The way forward , IMO, is to apologize for the false allegations made and call for unity.

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