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Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Shaky ground and firm footing

Jul 7, 2024
Thoughts on staying calm amid life's turmoil.

Derrick: Mainstreet celebrates 2 years in print 

Jul 5, 2024
Wins span editorial, business operations.

Good in Gainesville: City, county tackle housing challenges

Jun 27, 2024
Recent moves combat increasing cost of living.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: The baby and the bath water

Jun 23, 2024
Thoughts who the fall of Christian leaders.

Good in Gainesville: Public safety infrastructure grows

Jun 14, 2024
Several new facilities open with more on the way.

Mainstreet’s 2024 summer book recommendations 

Jun 12, 2024
Yes, you’ll want to check them out from the library.

Derrick: Motor Marketplace, classifieds mark Mainstreet growth 

Jun 11, 2024
New offerings aimed at serving readers, local businesses.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: A week without screens

Jun 9, 2024
Reflecting on throwback camp.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: What does it mean to be eternally minded?

May 19, 2024
Reflecting on how to identify life's priorities.

Protecting Our Elderly: Combating Money Fraud Scams

Apr 30, 2024
Protect yourself from financial exploitation.

Good in Gainesville: Businesses break ground in Alachua

Apr 26, 2024
Region grows reputation for talent, innovation, opportunity.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: The heart of genuine repentance

Apr 21, 2024
Thoughts on taking life in a new direction.

Derrick: We need more public notice, not less 

Apr 15, 2024
Gainesville considering future of printed notices.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: What if the resurrection never happened?

Mar 31, 2024
Thoughts on the difference the resurrection makes.

Ridaught: Case closed for Ed Johnson?

Mar 8, 2024
Principal says school is moving forward.

Derrick: Mainstreet membership program exceeds expectations

Mar 8, 2024
Two member events scheduled this month.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: The gift of ‘Amazing Grace’

Mar 3, 2024
Thoughts on God's protection.

Derrick: Mainstreet, Fresh Take Florida join forces

Feb 28, 2024
Collaborative agreement expands hospital investigation.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Ricky Skaggs and the power of encouragement

Feb 11, 2024
Thoughts on the making of a great musician.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: These changing times

Jan 28, 2024
Thoughts on adapting to change.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Time to get back in the saddle

Jan 7, 2024
Life knocks everyone to the ground at some point.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Looking for the manger

Dec 24, 2023
Thoughts on why Christmas matters.

Derrick: Mainstreet launches membership, tax-deductible giving

Dec 18, 2023
Moves join Mainstreet to national movement.
Faith + Inspiration

Gilland: Facing painful moments

Dec 10, 2023
Thoughts on owning up to mistakes.
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