Gas prices decrease despite high demand

Gas pump with prices

Despite the high demand for gas nationwide, the Gainesville area saw a nine-cent decrease over the past week in price per gallon.

According to the Thursday AAA weekly report, for the third straight week domestic gasoline demand rose over nine million barrels daily for the first time since 2021. But even with the demand, nationwide prices dipped one cent and decreased by seven cents per gallon in Florida.

“It appears that our seasonal surge in driving may be kicking off a bit before the official start of summer,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson, in a press release. “But the low cost for oil appears to mitigate any increases at the pump, which is good news for drivers.”

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Data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed gas demand increased from 9.1 million barrels per day (b/d) to 9.22 b/d last week. Total domestic gasoline stocks increased by 2.7 million barrels of crude oil (bbl) to 218.8 million bbl. According to AAA, even though demand for gas increased, fluctuating oil prices coupled with the increasing stocks contributed to limiting price increases.

Today’s national average of $3.56 is three cents more than a month ago but $1.39 less than a year ago.

Thursday’s national average of $3.56 is down one cent more than last week’s $3.57. Last month, the national average was at $3.53 per gallon and last year it was at $4.95.

Florida has the 13th least expensive average in the U.S. at $3.31 per gallon, down eight cents from last week’s $3.39. A month ago, the average cost was $3.55; last year it was $4.77.   

According to, here are the lowest prices to fill up in Alachua County:   

  • $3.14 at Murphy Express, 6323 NW 23rd St., Gainesville
  • $3.15 at Circle K, 4565 NW 13th St., Gainesville
  • $3.15 at CITGO, 220 NW 39th Ave., Gainesville
  • $3.18 at Wawa, 2305 NW 13th St., Gainesville
  • $3.18 at Sam’s Club, 4001 SW 30th Place, Gainesville
  • $3.18 at Sunoco, 4207 NW 13th St., Gainesville
  • $3.18 at Circle K, 3838 N. Main St., Gainesville
  • $3.19 at BP, 15295 NE US Hwy 301, Waldo
  • $3.19 at Raceway, 15330 NW US 301, Waldo
  • $3.19 at CITGO, 809 N. Main St., Gainesville

Quick Stats

Since last Thursday, these 10 states have seen the largest changes in their averages: Ohio (+13 cents), Arizona (−13 cents), Indiana (+9 cents), Idaho (+8 cents), Florida (−8 cents), Delaware (−6 cents), Oregon (+5 cents), Michigan (+5 cents), Wyoming (+5 cents) and Maryland (−5 cents).

The nation’s top 10 most expensive markets: California ($4.87), Hawaii ($4.74), Washington ($4.74), Arizona ($4.35), Oregon ($4.33), Nevada ($4.26), Utah ($4.11), Alaska ($3.97), Idaho ($3.95) and Illinois ($3.92).

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Darn! Probably shouldn’t have published this article, the prices JUMPED just afterward.