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Gas prices climb with July 4th holiday on horizon

Jun 20, 2024
New surge locally and statewide comes after prices drop two straight weeks.

Gas prices dip to lowest mark since February

Jun 13, 2024
Gainesville market’s average price at pump plummets to $3.33 per gallon.

Gas prices fall nationwide

Jun 6, 2024
Average price per gallon drops 13 cents in Florida.

Gainesville gas prices climb 3 cents per gallon

May 23, 2024
Statewide average increases six cents since last week.

Gas prices dip slightly in Gainesville

May 16, 2024
Average price per gallon down in Florida, nationwide.
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Aging Matters: Alachua County seniors mark Older Americans Month

May 15, 2024
Seniors get special recognition in May.

Gainesville area gas prices drop five cents

May 9, 2024
Price per gallon down 12 cents statewide since last week.

TikTok sues U.S. over potential ban

May 8, 2024
TikTok calls new law signed by President Joe Biden a violation of First Amendment.

U.S. economic slowdown continues, government reports

Apr 26, 2024
Government spent less, but country exported less in first quarter of 2024.

Gas prices see slight dip in Gainesville area

Apr 25, 2024
Average gallon of gas down 10 cents since last week.

Federal Trade Commission votes to prohibit noncompete clauses

Apr 23, 2024
Rule would prevent enforcement of terms that forbid employees from leaving, competing with their employers.

Gas prices increase 8 cents per gallon in Gainesville area

Apr 18, 2024
Marks new 2024 high for average price per gallon.

Cost at pump remains same in Gainesville area

Apr 11, 2024
Price per gallon stays at $3.59.

Gas prices drop slightly in Gainesville area

Apr 4, 2024
Average cost per gallon down four cents since last week.

Gas prices continue to rise locally, statewide

Mar 28, 2024
Price per gallon has gone up six cents since last week in Gainesville area.

Area gas prices soar to 2024 record high

Mar 21, 2024
Average price per gallon in Gainesville area increased 12 cents since last week.

Gas prices projected to increase in coming weeks

Mar 14, 2024
High demand with warmer temperatures coupled with rising oil prices will lead to surge.

Gainesville area sees 8-cent jump in prices at pump

Mar 7, 2024
Average gas prices in Florida increased 10 cents over last week.

Gas prices remain steady in Gainesville area

Feb 29, 2024
Average cost per gallon decreases by one cent while prices statewide are same.

Gas prices hit highest mark of year in Gainesville area

Feb 22, 2024
Florida ranks as 10th most expensive state in average cost per gallon.

Mass outage of AT&T cellular network affects customers nationwide

Feb 22, 2024
AT&T is listed as largest cellular provider in United States.

Gas prices surge nationwide

Feb 15, 2024
Gainesville area sees 21 cent increase to $3.36 per gallon since last week.

Gas prices drop slightly with increase projected by Valentine’s Day

Feb 8, 2024
Seasonal demands, higher oil costs and refinery maintenance to push pump prices up.

UF report: Shark attacks, fatalities see uptick in 2023

Feb 5, 2024
Florida has more shark bites than any other state at 16.
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