Infotech certified as Most Loved Workplace 

Photo by Seth Johnson

Infotech has been certified nationally as a Most Loved Workplace, which recognizes companies where employees are happiest.  

Infotech is a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions and has been in Gainesville for over 45 years. Their certification as a Most Loved Workplace is backed by research and analysis of the Best Practice Institute (BPI), which surveys over 175 companies and 3,000 executives from the United States, the Middle East/Northern Africa, and Southeast Asia.  

The BPI certification was given because of Infotech’s systemic collaboration, positive vision of the future, company respect, company support, alignment of values, company practices, CEO strengths, and benefits.  

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“Our cultural pillars are built on our values and are a direct reflection of our people,” Tara Blythe, Infotech’s Chief People Officer, said in a press release. “Every decision we make is connected to who we are – from our insights based on data that drive our support to customers, to our commitment to inclusion and celebration of the individuality of our employees. This bolsters a culture that is centered on people. Our workforce is now distributed across the U.S., which makes this national award so meaningful, because it’s truly a recognition of all our people and the culture we continue to shape together.” 

To learn more about Infotech and what programs earned them this certification, visit the company’s Most Loved Workplace profile. 

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