Gilland: A whole new world

I am sure that somebody, at some time, would have said this: “I am an old-fashioned guy living in a new-fangled world.”

Well, at least that sounds like something I would have heard as I grew up in the Midwest. In those days, there were no shortages of corn, vegetables, gas and clichés.

But for those alive and living in this current day, that phrase “new-fangled world” is a pretty accurate descriptor of what we are seeing take place on a daily basis.

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Our culture, and the world around us, is changing at breakneck speed. Some would have us believe completely implausible things about the basics of life, and this week, we were confronted with a statement that is going to be fodder for water cooler discussions for, say, at least a week.

An educated federal judge who happens to be the current nominee for the highest court in America couldn’t, or wouldn’t, give the definition of the word “woman.”

I can hear my dear departed Dad’s voice, saying “Son, that doesn’t make any sense at all.” And, I would have agreed with Dad, not only on this issue, but on many of the fronts facing us today in our nation.

When Jesus stood before Pilate, He told the governor and that he was sent to “bear witness to the truth.” Pilate gave a reply that exposed his worldview.

“What is truth?” Pilate asks in John 18:38.

That same question is still being asked today, and the same people who are asking are also giving us an answer, one that is radically different than we are expecting. And there is a good reason for why that is the case.

Here’s why: If one removes the standard for truth, then “truth” can be defined any way one pleases. This happens anytime a decision is made to throw out what is real, what is solid, what is pure, what is valuable—all in favor of something else.

Such an attempt at historical revision is happening in real time today. But there is one problem with that, and that problem is also our great hope.

It is possible for someone to throw out the teaching from the Bible, ignoring its wisdom, but no one can ultimately remove God from the equation. I am thankful for that reality and that we can apply His promises to our hearts and minds.

In those famous words from Hans and Franz, “Hear me now, and listen to me next week…”

God is God. His word is truth. And ultimately, at the end of the day, truth will prevail.

After all, there is such a thing as truth.

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