BOCC Chair Ken Cornell

Chair Ken Cornell at Tuesday's BOCC meeting. 

For now, the scenarios that Alachua County Assistant Manager Tommy Crosby and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) discussed on Tuesday are anecdotal, but homeowners in Alachua County should be prepared for a possible increase in property taxes.

In Tuesday's special meeting addressing the fiscal year 2022, it was clear from comments by Crosby and BOCC Chair Ken Cornell that, while commercial property in Alachua County may have taken a hit during the pandemic, residential property is gaining value.

Cornell, who has worked in local real estate for 20 years, said he had "a big fear on what COVID would do to commercial property," but he saw record growth in residential property sales, which is driving up home values and bringing in multiple bids on houses as soon as they hit the market.

He said he estimates an overall 4 percent increase in property values county-wide, and even if the millage rate stays the same that adds up to $5 million in recurring revenue toward the county's general fund.

The largest revenue source for Alachua County, Crosby said, is the amount of property tax brought in annually by commercial, residential and tangible property taxes.

Homeowners will learn about the expected increase in residential property taxes when they receive their notice in October.

On July 1, the county property appraiser will send the amount that all of the county properties are worth to Crosby and the BOCC. On July 13, the BOCC will set the millage rate based on that figure and determine the multiplier, Crosby said.

Crosby added that home improvements such as add-ons and new pools will most likely impact the value of homes, which will in turn affect the calculated property tax.

In August property owners will receive the TRIM (Truth in Millage Rate) notice, which tells them the market value of their homes as of Jan. 1.

Property owners then have 25 days from the receipt of this notice to contact the property appraiser to dispute the amount and try to work out an adjustment.

In September, the BOCC will adopt the millage rate so the tax collector can send out tax bills on Oct. 1.

According to Crosby, the first tax payment date is Nov. 1, and those who accrue those funds in an escrow account receive a discount for paying ahead.

Crosby said the tax rate probably won't go up but property values will,and that increases the revenue for the county.

Crosby cautioned that homeowners and the BOCC need to stay prepared for housing market shifts.

"Plan for the long haul but look into the future," he said. "Be prepared for turns in the market.

Mainstreet Daily News Reporter

Suzette Cook is a Mainstreet Daily News reporter who has been a community journalist for more than 30 years.

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Alachua County stop transporting your solid waste to Union Country and Contaminating our drinking water source!! Dump it in your own county what happened to zero waste. Zero Waste isn’t Dumping millions of tons of trash in Union County every day there’s nothing innovating about that so archaic. IM SURE ALACHUA COUNTY TAX PAYERS ARE SO PROUD OF THE ZERO WASTE PROGRAM THERE.


I don’t mind paying taxes if it goes for reasonable things schools infrastructures fire and police. Being a realtor I’m always embarrassed driving on these local roads showing properties to potential buyers that’s the number one concerns our local roads in horrible shape 235 A is embarrassing . I even had to buy a truck based on the conditions because my car fell apart of the roads conditions.


Alachua County Board of Commissioners should have been more involved getting COVID-19 vaccinations to the citizens and Spending less time on raising taxes during a pandemic and removing properties off of the county tax rolls like purchasing hotels for the homeless that doesn’t pay taxes. Invest in all Communities start with the East Side.


Check into the open positions for Alachua County. This County has a 20% turn over for BCC employees because of Horrible management. They hit taxpayers for special assessment fees and then don’t provide the services. The state of Florida needs to audit on Alachua county from Miss using tax dollars and cares act funding!


I Totally agree we get taxed for services that doesn’t exist! I don’t mind paying taxes but I want the services and not overpaid management.


When the City of Gainesvile accuses Alachua County stealing cares act money you know the board of Alachua County Commissioners have issues. I agree the state needs to conduct an audit on the BCC of Alachua.


Alachua County Board of Commissioners the homeless live better than you tax payers. Didn’t you just buy the homeless at Hotel and now you want to raise property taxes. Vote out these horrible commissioners. Inappropriate spending is the commissioners issues like $96 million behind in road repairs.


VOTE KEN CORNELL OUT OF OFFICE The property tax rate this year is already too high. Cut taxes is another way that they could take a step to keep more money where it belongs right now, in people’s hands.” Most of your taxpayers are scraping by and going to food banks and KEN wants to raise taxes. Don’t quit your full-time job selling real estate KEN.


Maybe if the Alachua County Commissioner’s would STOP providing the Top tier of management with $15,000 maybe our property taxes would not increase. Commissioners stop buying properties and taking them off of tax rolls and for goodness sakes hire a county manager with experience, Maybe we wouldn’t need five of them for Such a small county!

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