Alachua County operations re-opening on June 1st by appointment only

On Monday, June 1st, Alachua County operations will be open to the public by appointment only. Those wanting to enter County buildings should contact the needed department and schedule an appointment.
Before entering County buildings, citizens will be required to wear a mask (unless they qualify for an exemption), successfully pass a temperature check. (If a person’s temperature exceeds 100.0 degrees, they will not be granted access to County buildings, but alternate services may be available), and answer several screening questions (when making their appointment and when reporting to their appointment).
The screening questions include:
  • Have you traveled to the following places in the last 14 days? a. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Louisiana? b. Outside of the country?
  • Are you experiencing any unexplained persistent coughing (e.g. not related to seasonal allergies, or of an unknown origin)?
  • Are you experiencing any respiratory issues (e.g. heaviness in your chest or trouble breathing)?
Enhanced cleaning services are on-going to protect County citizens and staff. These protocols will continue until further notice.

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