Another lawsuit targets new Gainesville Regional Utilities Authority

Some 200 City of Gainesville employees and contractors filed a lawsuit against the city Thursday.
Some 200 City of Gainesville employees and contractors filed a lawsuit against the city Thursday.
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Two Gainesville residents added a new lawsuit to those already filed over House Bill 1645 and the new Gainesville Regional Utilities Authority (GRUA). 

Filed on Friday in the Eighth Judicial Circuit, the lawsuit on behalf of Kristen Young and David Hammer takes aim at the city of Gainesville, Mayor Harvey Ward and the new chair of the GRUA Craig Carter.  

The lawsuit asks each to legally justify their actions. The city is asked to justify the existence of “a purported unit of government known as the GRUA.” Ward is asked to justify his action to swear in four members of the new authority. Carter is asked to justify what authority he has to take the position of chair for the GRUA.  

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The lawsuit asks the court to establish that the GRUA has no legal existence.  

Since the start of HB 1645, lawsuits have sought to stop it. Gainesville Residents United filed a suit in federal court on 12 counts. The city of Gainesville sued Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd, but a Tallahassee judge dismissed the claims.  

Two members of Gainesville Residents United, Robert Hutchinson and Jeffrey Shapiro, filed a new suit claiming the appointments by DeSantis are invalid.  

DeSantis nominated five members for the GRUA, but one resigned before taking the post. The authority is scheduled to meet for the second time on Nov. 1.  

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the lawsuit by Gainesville Residents United is ongoing.

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Dig in Deeper, Democrats…
Sure. That will make it all better…


Let them waste their money. At least its not our incompetent
Mayor himself filing the suit. He got his cronies to pay for this
Round😂 I can’t wait to see what’s uncovered in the near future. If an unaffected authority looks into GNV finances as a whole……


All these lawsuits made me look into the idea of wasting the court’s time and the people’s money. I found something interesting.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 11b.

These actions sure look like they’re designed to cause delay, additional expense, and to interfere with an existing law and that’s supposed to be covered under Rule 11b.

The courts are being made into a mockery of justice.


Obviously there needs to be someone other than the corrupt city of Gainesville officials overseeing GRU. It can no longer be the their pennybank.
I’m not sure why there is opposition to the GRU Authority.

Israel Davian

The opposition is there from the tax, steal and spend officials like Ward, Hinson, and Poe (and his suck-ups). All huge money wasters, love to spend other people’s money. It’s the democrat way, Tax & Spend: Forever! Trouble for them is the golden goose has been taken away!!!