County Commission discussing hotel purchase, COVID-19 update, and indoor sports facility

The Alachua County Commission will conduct a hybrid Regular Meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 11:30 a.m. The meeting will recess after the morning agenda items are completed, and will reconvene at 5:01 p.m. for the evening agenda. 

The Commission will discuss the Grace Market transitional campground, operation of Airboats Ordinance, the purchase of a hotel for transitional housing and a COVID-19 update from the County department of health administrator.
The public who attend in-person must wear a facial covering at all times. Public seating will be made available up to the capacity that permits adequate social distancing.
The BOCC will hear a presentation about a proposed indoor sports facility. The venue includes space for an indoor track and field facility with the capability of accommodating various other indoor sporting tournaments, such as volleyball and basketball. The facility shall meet NCAA requirements for applicable events. The facility should also be able to house other community and regionally significant events, including but not limited to trade shows, floor shows, and concerts. The goal is to have a facility that is active and used as many days of the year as possible. Continued and ongoing utilization is a priority. 
The public may attend virtually through Cox Channel 12, Facebook, and the County’s Video on Demand website. For meeting audio only, call 301-715-8592, and when prompted, use meeting code 670 965 3024, pass code 2522482 (Alachua).
The public may submit comments, written or photographic documents to the Board through email ( before the meeting or by participating when prompted to by the Chair of the Board. Virtual participation is available through the public comment message line. When prompted to call during the meeting, please call 929-205-6099 (enter meeting code 273 174 8038). Callers will be put in a queue, and prompted when it is their turn to speak. TO AVOID FEEDBACK, CALLERS TO THE PUBLIC COMMENT MESSAGE LINE MUST TURN DOWN THEIR MEETING SOUND WHEN ADDRESSING THE COMMISSION. Callers should state their names and limit comments to two minutes. When prompted for in-person public comment, in-person participants should follow the direction of the Chair to participate.
To view the complete agenda and backup items, go here

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