GNV approves Tesla service, delivery center

Commissioner Casey Willits
Commissioner Casey Willits
File photo by Seth Johnson

The Gainesville City Commission approved zoning on Thursday for a Tesla service and delivery center off North Main Street. 

The business will use five acres across from the Habor Freight Tools, and the commission voted unanimously on the item. The commission approved the first reading at its July 20 meeting.  

At the first meeting, an agent for the applicant said the business hopes to start construction in November, assuming the site plan passes through the city without issue. The business is projected to create at least 40 permanent jobs.  

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Commissioner Casey Willits said at the first meeting that he would prefer to have the car center reuse already existing pavement and empty storefront in the area. But he said the business fits in the city plan and will bring car owners to the Main Street area to drop off their cars and hopefully walk around the shopping center.  

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art guerrilla

the story should be how the city commissioner shown masked is too stupid to serve in any public capacity…
tesla is BS, EV cars are BS, this ‘news’ medium serves up BS…
not turtles, but BS all the way down…

Common Sense

EV cars are great, cost about $8 to fully charge as compared to $60 to fill up my car. So far Tesla does them the best.

Hang on..

They are not great for the environment. They incur much more harmful effects when mining and disposal of the car batteries. And they ALL use electricity generated by fossil fuels. For people clamoring to eliminate petrol vehicles, they are creating a scenario where all the electric vehicles will need to be charged, creating a greater strain on the existing fossil-fuel grid. The government needs to get out of MANDATING what products people will purchase and get back to fixing roads and providing first responders.


Still less harm than an ICE vehicle over the vehicle’s lifetime. Still, not gonna line Musk’s pockets, so I gotta wait until other companies catch up

My $0.02

Sure. By law, all electricity used by EVs has to come from fossil fuels. You get punished if you use your own solar panels (like me – but I am an outlaw)


I doubt Tesla owners are really going to be doing much shopping/walking in that Shopping Center.

SD Muni

They will help pay property and business taxes for doing business in a business district. Many auto dealerships and auto service centers in area.


The masked Bandits speak and spend. EV are the most non green cars on the planet along with Swiftboat HeinzKerry.


What zoning was changed to allow this. Who is the group/person making the new business?

Sumthin Brewin

This is great news! I bought my first Tesla in Feb. and it’s the best vehicle I’ve ever owned. It hasn’t needed any service thus far, but at some point I’m sure it will. Tesla offers mobile service, which takes care of 90% of issues, but sometimes you need to get it to an actual service center. This beats getting it towed or twking it to Jax, Tampa, or Orlando.

Anyone who is skeptical of Teslas has probably never driven one and obviously has never owned one. My Toyota truck and Mercedes coupe (both gas) just sit in the garage unused these days. The Tesla is BY FAR the more enjoyable, quiet, fast, and fun car to take anywhere. Oh, and not gassing it up is just the cherry on top. It’s amazing to have a car that is always “full” sitting in your garage by simply plugging it into a 30amp dryer plug outlet. No special charger was needed, just a $30 Y-plug adapter. EVs are definitely the future and no one does it better than Tesla (made in the USA!).