GNV’s Eastman named to Florida League of Cities

Commissioner Bryan Eastman
Commissioner Bryan Eastman speaks at a city meeting on Feb. 17.
Photo by Seth Johnson

Gainesville City Commissioner Bryan Eastman was recently appointed to the Florida League of Cities (FLC) 2023-2024 Municipal Administration Committee.

During his one-year term on the committee, Eastman will assist in developing the League’s Legislative Platform that detail the priority issues most likely affecting daily municipal governance and decision making during the upcoming legislative session, according to the press release.  

“I’ve been a longtime supporter of the work of the Florida League of Cities and their commitment to local communities and local control,” Eastman said in the release. “I’m honored to be selected to serve on their Municipal Administration Committee.”

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The FLC’s Municipal Administration Committee focuses on elections, emergency management, gaming, public meetings, public property management, code enforcement, homeland security, public records, public safety and procurement, as well as charter counties and special districts.

“Local government is the one closest to the people, and we need a state that respects home rule and local priorities,” he said. “I look forward to working with local leaders across Florida to make that happen.”

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Jeff Gehmann

I guess if you want some radical liberal with faulty logic and little experience you’ve got your person.