Friendship Families Holiday Host program seeks Thanksgiving host families

Thanksgiving meal food with family and friends

The Friendship Families Holiday Host program is for local households to host visiting international students for Thanksgiving.

The program is a partnership between the UF International Center (UFIC) and the Greater Gainesville International Center (GGIC) and is designed to pair visiting students with local households during significant U.S. cultural holidays and events.

According to a Tuesday press release, there are international 178 students who have signed up to participate but there are only 14 host families.

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According to the website, the program is asking households to invite one and four international students for significant U.S. holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas. Other holidays include Memorial Day, Labor Day, Easter, Valentine’s and Halloween.

To sign up as a host family, click here.

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