Writer’s Alliance of GNV to host meet and greet  

Writers Alliance of Gainesville logo
Courtesy of Writers Alliance of Gainesville

The Writer’s Alliance of Gainesville (WAG) will be hosting an informal meet and greet with local authors on Thursday.  

The meet and greet will take place from 6-8 p.m outside at Curia on The Drag and the Aux Market (2029 NW 6th St). There will be tables and chairs, but it is recommended to bring a folding chair in case the seating runs out.  

Local authors will be having conversations on all different genres such as history, mystery, horror, romance, children’s books, and poetry.  

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There will be food trucks on site. This event is open to anyone and is child friendly. 

Editor’s note: A correction was made on the day that the event will be held. It is on Thursday, June 29, and not Friday, June 30.

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Loye Barnard

Nice to have this info venue! I’d like to see a specific date for an event rather than just stated as Friday..I’m never quite sure whether I’ve tapped in to an older story or..very current one,
Thinking about the WAG piece…for Friday , but June 30, 2023 helps! and its possible..I’ve missed seeing it. If so, sorry!
I realize that dear Wag most likely sent this to you.. Here’s wishing for a good, inquistive crowd.

Hearing lots of comment and good review of the Mainstreet Daily News..thanks.

C.J. Gish

Hi Loye. Thank you for noticing the day. This has been updated to Thursday in our story.