Columbia County Sheriff's Office

Columbia County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested two juveniles with firearms at the Columbia High School football game Friday. 

Columbia County Sheriff’s deputies arrested two juveniles for possessing firearms at the Columbia High School football game on Friday.

According to a Tuesday press release from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), deputies arrested Kendrick Allen, 14, and Rae’Quan Wilson, 15, after the two were found with loaded handguns.

School resource deputies working game security were notified of a possibly armed juvenile. The teen was standing near one of the stadium entrances when a deputy recognized him as being a former student at his assigned school, CCSO reported.

"A citizen heard information that one of the juveniles had a gun," said CCSO spokesperson Sgt. Steven Khachigan. "That citizen told a deputy working the game, so our deputies were on the lookout." 

That juvenile was in the company of another juvenile and both were detained, leading to discovery of loaded firearms. Allen had two handguns concealed in his waistband, one of which was confirmed stolen from Marion County. Deputies also found a loaded pistol in Wilson’s waistband.

"At this time, we don't know of motive or intent," said Khachigan. "There was no specific threat." 

Allen is a student at Pathways Learning Academy, while Wilson is a student at Lake City Middle School.

“Given the recent increase in gun violence in the city, I am glad these weapons are off the streets,” Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter said in a statement. “I am proud of our deputies for handling this situation quickly before anyone could be hurt.”

CCSO and school officials met to discuss this incident. As a result of the meeting, the CCSO reported that school officials will implement new security protocols for all athletic events and will release further details on those protocols soon.

Both Allen and Wilson were arrested and charged with multiple felonies. They were transported to the Columbia County Detention Facility. 

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Here's my thoughts on this for all of those 2nd amendment freedom fighters out there who are too ignorant to lock up their guns and have them stolen by young teenagers (only 14 and 15 in this case): Remember that if you don't take appropriate precautions with your firearm, it may end up being the one that shoots kids at a high school football game. If you want the right to own a gun, at least be responsible for it.

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