Development proposed for West Newberry Road

A mixed-use development plan for 87 acres if property off West Newberry Road is under review.
A mixed-use development plan for 87 acres if property off West Newberry Road is under review.
Courtesy Alachua County

A mixed-use development plan for a property off West Newberry Road, between Fort Clarke Boulevard and Interstate 75, is under review. Just outside Gainesville’s city limits, the plot is directly beside the existing shopping development called Newberry Square. 

The application for the 87 acres, under the name Newberry Village, predicts about 730 residential units and 277,500 square feet for retail use. 

Newberry Village is planned to be a traditional neighborhood development (TND), which interweaves retail, office, civic and residential buildings, sometimes including more than one classification in the same building. TNDs encourage pedestrian and bicycle transportation, according to the Florida Department of Transportation’s Traditional Neighborhood Development Handbook. 

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A listing on advertises 32 spaces in the development available for lease in July 2025, but an online brochure from Katz & Associates Retail Real Estate Advisors only lists 31 spaces, 13 of which are already leased out. The other 18 spaces are in various stages of intent, or discussion, with only two retail spots fully available. 

Katz also advertised plans for about 950 new luxury apartments on the north end of the property, in the transit supportive development area. 

The property is listed under the ownership of Greer Scoggins, director of construction for Atlanta-based Fuqua Development. 

Alachua-based CHW Professional Consultants is listed as engineer and surveyor. 

Newberry Village mixed-use development plans
Courtesy of Katz & Associates Newberry Village mixed-use development plans

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Jason R

This will be built in the same area where multiple retail outlets have closed and available retail space is sitting vacant.


So glad to see the good use of land that my since passed wife and I use to take hayrides during Christmas back in the day. And come to find out that they are building what our county badly needs, affordable housing. Wait…what? Luxe Apartments? Even the fast developing town of Newberry where I now live is building affordable housing….wait? What?


THIS is what they call “Traditional Neighborhood Development”? More definitions being changed. “Traditional” this isn’t.

It looks a lot more like a 15 minute city.

If it works out right, nearly everyone buying into the residential area can work within walking distance of their front door – if they can’t work from home.

But – where will the service staff live?

G DeLoach

How in the world are they going to plan for the increase in traffic on Newberry Road? The traffic is already out of control with no help in sight. Newberry Road is a state road and I suspect that the state has no intentions of widening it. Tower Road and NW 76th Blvd intersections are virtually roadblocks from about 7 am until 7 pm. Not even fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles can effectively maneuver these intersections, even with red lights and sirens during these times.

Last edited 10 months ago by G DeLoach
Mark Joseph

Could you imagine how much tax we will get and can fix so many things. Homeless the bad roads. I mean about time.

Michelle Donnelly

I’d like to see the plan for all the increased traffic. Also what about the development to be on Fort Clark Rd….almost same size with more cars. Can’t get home if you live west beyond I-75 now! Whatcha gonna do when these two projects are up and not running. TRAFFIC plans NOW

..enjoyed when G'ville wasn't over developed

If there are more than 5 trees on a property, we will tear it down and build a home…cause G’ville needs more homes and empty retail space. Don’t worry, this won’t affect the already horrible traffic on that road. Sad that all the land is disappearing.


Yeah, I’m sure those living in the Luxury apartments will be biking, walking, and riding a bus to work, shopping, etc. Hah! More cars, more traffic in an area that is already busy with no road improvements.


Terrible idea. So sad to see all of our remaining forests bulldozed for tacky townhomes and fast food restaurants. Alachua County along with just about every other county in Florida is incredibly short-sighted when it comes to this type of development.

Joan H Carter

Another neighborhood with no school? So more demand for bus drivers and more parent traffic.


As a rule, any non-preservation, non-wetlands, and non-agricultural lands are ripe for development. But any bank lender will make sure there is infrastructure and traffic/parking capacity, too. They prefer urban infill like this location, a donut hole ready to be filled. The city and county gov’ts need tax revenues like a dog chasing its tail, to stay ahead of the demands of voters. Voters who keep asking for gov’t help.